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On this subpage you will find the answers for the most often asked questions concerning the the platform Quantor. You'll have the possibility to find out what the difference between online exchange platform and the traditional currency exchange office is.

What is the difference between wholesale and retail currency rates?

Currency offices exchange money from single units to many thousands. Some offices offer promotional rates of the chosen currency, when the certain threshold of the amount has been exceeded. These reduced rates are known as wholesale.

Currency offices offer the wholesale rates depending on whether the minimum amount has been exceeded. Some of them defines the amount condition for individual currencies (e.g. from 300 Euros), while others - for the total value in zlotys.

In the traditional cantors' list of rates there are presented both retail and wholesale exchange rates. On the top-left side of the statement there are buttons for filtering the table. By selecting one of the type (Wholesale Wholesale or Retail Retail) the appropriate currency rates are added or deleted from the list.

Are the online exchange platforms better than the traditional cantors?

If you work abroad it might be very important for you that the exchanged currency went directly into your account. If you have credit in franks perhaps you take much care that the offered exchange rate was relatively low and transfer was made as fast as possible (because of the close deadline of the loan installment). In both cases the most convenient medium for the exchange would be an online platform.

Going abroad you need cash and you would like to exchange money on the way saving your time. Similarly, customers without currency accounts, exchanging currencies occasionally would be more interested in a fast money exchange than in completing formalities with the bank. In these and similar cases the traditional currency offices have the advantage.

Summing up, both online exchange platforms and traditional offices have pros and cons. Depending on the situation one of them would be more useful then the second. Quantor ensures the fast access to the information about the most convenient exchange for you.

Where do the currency exchange rates come from?

The exchange rates presented in the lists by Quantor are introduced directly by the cantors' owners and employees or they are downloaded from the exchange offices' official websites. Thanks to the cooperation between Quantor and the cantors' owners, together we ensure the highest quality of the currently presented rates.

What does 'Not available' among the exchange rates mean?

Quantor is open to the cooperation with all currency exchange offices. Our employees do their best in order to make contact with as many owners as possible to provide you with the current exchange rates.

Information about the lack of data in statement of rates means that we haven't been able to contact the exchange office's owner yet in order to present his cantor's rates.

It is worth noting that 'Not available' concerns only the data about the cantors' exchange rates. Other information (such as address, phone number, opening hours etc.) should be regarded as valid.

How often are the exchange rates updated?

Currency exchange rates are updated constantly. As fast as we realize there was a change on the official website of the currency office or the cantor's employee introduced the currency rate directly, we record the action in the cantors' statement and in the given cantor's business card.

Some of the owners update the currency rates several times during the day, other - once a day or once every two days. The period of time that has passed since the last update is presented in the column: 'Actualization'.

Exchange rate older than 3 days is automatically noted by Quantor as obsolete and it is hidden.


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