What is Quantor?

Quantor was set up to give you a possibility to easily review the Polish foreign exchange offices' market. We act independently of the exchange offices, online financial portals and other comparison tools.

Thanks to us you'll quickly find out where the closest exchange office is and what exchange rate offers. No matter whether you want to exchange your currency in a big town or maybe while going abroad. We provide you with all significant information needed to exchange euro, franc, dollar or pound quickly and at a reasonable price!

In case you were interested in exchanging your currency using online exchange platform we prepared especially for you a clear comparison. It will help you to find the most favorable e-platform offer taking into account both exchange rates and the total cost of the transaction. When the time of exchange is the priority for you it will show you the e-platform that makes the transaction as quickly as possible .

All for you


We implement the newest technologies and apply the best practices to meet your expectations. While creating Quantor we are do our best to provide you with plenty of important information concerning foreign currencies. At the same we take care of the data reliability, integrity and high-level service.

We know that time is money. We are also aware of the fact that smart solutions save it. We believe that nowadays easy and free access to information should be a standard. Due to that without logging and any fees we share with you the current exchange rates offered by exchange offices in our country.

Using our online platform you can save your money. Visiting it regularly you can analyze, how the currency purchases and sales change in you region. Thanks to Quantor many users have already saved their money. Join them comparing wholesale and retail currency rates in your town. You don't know which one is more favorable - exchanging the currency through the online exchange platform or in the traditional one? Thanks to Quantor you'll get the answer in a second!


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